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Did you know, over time, your hot water storage cylinder will fill up with scale?

This is a problem because over time, as more scale is created, your fuel bills increase, your amount of storage decreases and it takes longer to heat your hot water. Modern cylinders heat up quicker, use less energy (meaning lower fuel bills), and retain the heat longer.

If your cylinder is more than 10 years old it might be time to look at getting a new one installed.

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What options do you have when replacing your old cylinder?

There are two main types of hot water storage cylinders in use today, VENTED and UNVENTED.

But which one is right for you?

Below are some details about each option but replacing an old cylinder with the same type will be the cheapest initial option however if you have a vented cylinder you should consider upgrading to an unvented version because of the longer guarantees, improved water pressure (as long as you have a good incoming mains pressure), better efficiency and slightly lower running costs.

Traditional, Vented Cylinders

Vented cylinders are the traditional type of cylinder.

The cylinder is supplied from a cold water storage tank in the loft and so uses gravity to provide the flow of water out of your hot taps. The higher the storage tank is above your tap, the greater the pressure.

With this design, your cold taps are also supplied from the same storage tank in the loft to keep the hot and cold pressure equal. As you use either hot or cold water, the tank is filled from the mains to keep it full. Bigger houses mean bigger loft storage tanks.

These cylinders are still available as a large percentage of hot water systems in the UK use this traditional method of storing hot water.


Replacement vented cylinders are generally cheaper than the unvented variety but still come with acceptable guarantees, normally up to 5 years for stainless steel .

Safety Measures

Vented cylinders safety relies on the fact that the supply of water is provided by an open tank in the loft.

As the water in the cylinder heats up and expands, the tank in the loft acts as a buffer to absorb the expansion.

Since the pressure of the water system is created by the height of the storage tank above the taps there is no need to manage the pressure (unless your tank is more than 4 floors above the lowest tap in your house).

Lastly, there is an over heat thermostat that will activate and turn off the boiler if the stored water gets too hot.

Construction Materials

Vented cylinders are traditional made from copper as it doesn't corrode, is light and relatively cheap to make however some modern models can be made with stainless steel.

Modern Unvented Cylinders

Unvented basically means sealed with water stored at pressure. 

The cylinder is connected directly to your incoming mains water supply and stores the water under pressure, either the same as provided by your water supply or if the supply pressure is too high it will be reduced to a standard 3 bar.

There is no need for a water tank in your loft, saving you loft space and if your cold taps are also directly supplied by the incoming mains (we convert your system to enable this) the hot and cold water pressure are both the same pressure and perfect for new, large modern show heads.

Used extensively in the USA and Europe, they are now becoming the standard in the UK.


Whilst these tanks are a little more expensive, they are more efficient and come with longer guarantees, normally 10+ years.

Safety Measures

Because the hot water is stored under pressure and hot, there are additional components required to ensure everything works and remains safe.

Incoming water pressure is regulated to ensure it doesn't get too high if your mains pressure is higher than acceptable. This also regulates the cold supply so the hot and cold supplies are at the same pressure.

There is an additional safety device that will allow excess pressure to escape (via the drains) in case the pressure increases or the tank overheats for any reason.

Unvented systems have been used for more than 40 years (more in the USA and Europe) and are completely safe.

Construction Materials

Because unvented cylinders tore the water under pressure, the most common material used is stainless steel however they can used thick copper or glass lined mild steel.

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